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Gloster Meteor - Part I
The Gloster Meteor was the only Allied jet fighter to see combat in WW2. It entered service with the RAF in 1944. The F.1 was made in limited numbers and used mainly against V1s. It was soon replaced by the F.3 the only other WW2 version.

The Meteor was not an advanced design, but it was successful and after the war it was used by over 15 countries and eventually served with more than 50 squadrons in Britain. The Meteor saw post-war combat in Korea, Argentina, Algeria and Suez.

The Meteor was armed with 4 x 20mm cannon.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
F.1 - 616 Squadron
F.1 - 616 Squadron
F.1 - USA
F.3 - 63 Squadron
F.3 - 74 Squadron
F.3 - 91 Squadron
F.3 - 245 Squadron
F.3 - 257 Squadron
F.3 - 266 Squadron