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Gloster Gladiator - Part I
The Gloster Gladiator was the last biplane fighter built for the RAF. It was one of the first biplanes to have an enclosed cockpit, and it entered service in 1937.

It was used successfully by several countries, and although outclassed by more modern fighters at the outbreak of WW2, it remained in service well into the war.

The Gladiator was armed with 4 x 7.7mm machine guns, two in the wings, and two in the nose, firing through the propeller.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
Gladiator - Belgium
Gladiator - China
Gladiator - China
Gladiator - Egypt
Gladiator - Finland
Gladiator - 3 Squadron
Gladiator - 3 Squadron
Gladiator - 73 Squadron
Gladiator - 80 Squadron