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Bristol Bulldog - Part I
The Bristol Bulldog was a single seat fighter of the inter-war period which entered service with the RAF in 1929. It was also a successful export being used by the air forces of nine other countries.

By the start of WW2 it was considered obsolete, and was replaced by the Hurricane in RAF service, but many Bulldogs had seen combat in Spain, and even during WW2 with the Finnish Air Force it scored against superior aircraft.

The Bulldog was armed with 2 x 7.7mm machine guns, and could also carry 4 x 20 lb bombs.
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
Mk II - Australia
Mk II - Denmark
Mk II - Denmark
Mk II - Estonia
Mk II - Finland
Mk II - 3 Squadron
Mk II - 17 Squadron
Mk II - 17 Squadron
Mk II - 17 Squadron