Aircraft Profiles
Cessna 337 - Part I
The Cessna 337 Skymaster was a an unusual twin-engined and twin-tailed transport and utility aircraft. It came into service in 1962 and was widely used in civilian and military roles along with the O-2 Skymaster which was the purely military version.

The Skymaster was mainly used for Forward Fire Control by the military, but was quickly adapted for recon missions, ground attack, and psychological warfare.

The 337 seats 2 crew and 4 passengers and the O-2 has 4 x hardpoints for rockets, guns or bombs.
Country of Origin:
337 - Argentina
337 - Benin
O-2 - Botswana
337 - Chad
O-2 - Chile
337 - Ecuador
O-2 - El Salvador
O-2 - Iran
O-2 - Mali