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Aero L-39 Albatros - Part II
The Aero L-39 Albatros trainer designed in the Czech Republic, entered service in 1971 and production continued until 1999. It was replaced in the Czech Air Force by the L-59 Super Albatros.

More than 30 air forces used or still use the L-39 along with many civilian owners and aerobatic teams round the world. There are around 2,800 L-39s still in use today.

There are two main versions:

The L-39C which is unarmed but had 2 x pylons for tanks or practice weapons, and the L-39Z with 4 x pylons and a twin-barrel 23mm cannon.

Country of Origin:
Czech Republic
L-39C - Chechen Air Force
L-39C - Cuban Air Force
L-39C - Czech Air Force
L-39ZA - Czech Air Force
L-39C - Estonian Air Force
L-39C - Ethiopian Air Force
L-39ZO - GDR Air Force
L-39C - Georgian Air Force
L-39C - Ghanaian Air Force